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About Gybe Tamer


Gybe Tamer absorbs the shock loading of the Mainsheet particularly when gybing, increasing the safety of this manoeuvre. It also reduces shock loads during rapid tacking and also reduces heeling due to sudden gusts.

Under light wind conditions the Tamer remains in a closed position, however during gusts it will extend in a progressive manner. When gybing it will remain in a closed position until the boom passes the center line of the boat. If this transition is rapid the tamer will extend, absorbing most of the kinetic energy of the boom, before closing back to a closed position.

Under heavier winds the Tamer may extend to the maximum position, but this can be altered by conventional use of the Mainsheet and Traveller . On gybing, even if fully extended it will close automatically before extending again to absorb the rapid movement. It is therefore an ideal safety device against the unexpected gybe, reducing potential damage to rigging, and reducing injuries to the crew.

Installation is simple and fast. The Tamer can be mounted between either the Traveller and Mainsheet or between the Mainsheet and Boom using 6mm shackles.


Distance between centres 200mm
Maximum Extension 100mm
Eye Holes Diameter 8mm
Suitable Mainsail Area (GT-1) Up to 15m2 (162ft2)
Suitable Mainsail Area (GT-2) 15-30m2 (162-325ft2)
Suitable Mainsail Area (GT-3) 30-45m2 (325-485ft2)
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Installation & Operating Instructions PDF

Traveller and Mainsheet with GybeTamer attached
Mainsheet and Boom with GybeTamer attached



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Gybe Tamer
  • Suitable for up to 15m 2 (162ft2) Mainsail area
  • Sold as is, without warranty
GT-2 (Out of Stock)
Jibe Tamer
  • Suitable for 15-30m2 (162-325ft2) Mainsail area
  • Sold as is, without warranty
Jibe Tamer
  • Suitable for 30-45m2 (325-485ft2) Mainsail area
  • Sold as is, without warranty